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  1. Ed Williams

    Dear Community Resident:

    Say No to Shot Gun Cities in DeKalb. We as residents are being held with a gun barrel pointed at our heads. We are being told that we will have to pay more taxes than the others in the county if we do not form a city.

    “We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools. — ML King

    The Citizens Against Cityhood support a moratorium on any new city formation. We believe that the residents of DeKalb deserve a more deliberate process; and that state legislature needs to make changes to the cityhood and annexation process.

    Do Not Believe the Hype!!! Unincorporated DeKalb is not paying more for Bonds and Pensions than others in DeKalb County. It is not true and the facts are being stretched to create fear. The proponents of cityhood are simply not explaining the differences in the services and how the pension is funded. Ask for specifics so that you can make an informed decision. Do the proponents have any evidence or record to show what they can do?

    South DeKalb could look like Clayton County, Tuskegee, Alabama, East Saint Louis, Liberty City, Gary Indiana, Detroit, Washington, DC, or Ferguson, Missouri if the cityhood bill is passed by the state assembly and the referendum is passed by the voters. Ask the proponents of cityhood which city they plan to use as a model for South DeKalb or Stonecrest. I do not mean what the feasibility study used. I mean which city do proponents believe South DeKalb will look like with similar demographics and population. South DeKalb (Greenhaven) uses the New York City skyline in their logo. Would you put your trust in someone that does not have a plan and a model of what they are proposing?

    The proponents for cityhood have not described what assets they are wanting to protect. Are these the assets? Is this what economic development looks like? More of the same. Are there real commitments from major companies to create jobs and plants in our community?

    More time should be given to residents to become informed in terms of the impact cityhood would have on their communities and DeKalb County.

    It is a shame that when there is a problem with local government we look to change the form of government instead of replacing the person(s) in the position. This is usually an indication that the electorate is very unhappy when they want to abolish the form of government instead of getting rid of the Bums. There should be a provision in the county/city charter that allows the electorate to recall political office holders by the voters when they are not doing their jobs effectively or violating their oaths of office. This should apply to part-time and full-time political office holders. The electorate must make sure there are procedures in place to remove corrupt leaders and to address issues related to vacancies.

    Get involved visit our website and like us on facebook. Also checkout the reasons why you should oppose cityhood attached to the email. Thanks

    Ed Williams
    Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb


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