About Us

Our Mission

Citizens of Victoria Estates (COVE) was formed in July 2013 as a not-for-profit organization to support the community of interest among residents of Victoria Estates related to civic and public affairs. COVE has three primary missions:  to provide a resource for neighbors to stay informed about or engage with governmental, institutional and civic groups that have an impact on the neighborhood; to keep the broader community informed about Victoria Estates so that the neighborhood is included in discussions that affect our quality of life; and to provide a resource for neighbors who need to access local government for services or assistance.

COVE’s activities include:

  • Maintaining an active relationship with local and state government and nearby institutional organizations that affect our neighborhood
  • Convening neighborhood meetings with elected and civic officials on a variety of topics affecting the neighborhood
  • Maintaining a website and social media presence that can serve as a resource for neighbors needing services or assistance with local governmental or institutional entities
  • Participating in government task forces and other citizen associations on common issues and reporting back to the neighborhood through a variety of communication channels
  • Monitoring local government activity to learn about issues that pertain to us

The intent of COVE is to supplement and collaborate with the Victoria Estates Civic Association, which identifies four specific responsibilities of organizing social activities, creating the neighborhood directory, maintaining the island at the entrance to the neighborhood and disseminating email communications.