COVE Report – December 8, 2015

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Intersection of Houston Mill and LaVista

LaVista and Houston Mill

With the construction of Young Israel at the intersection of Houston Mill and LaVista, the dedicated right-turn lane on LaVista (east-bound) was removed. This has created an unsafe situation and backup on Houston Mill at certain times of the day. Discussions with  DeKalb County indicated correcting the situation would require expansion of the road and acquisition of some of the adjacent church property. The church owns the three residential properties at the intersection.

COVE President Pat Killingsworth, COVE Past-President Martha Pacini, and Mason Mill Civic Association President Mary Hinkle met last week with the Intown Community Church to discuss the intersection. The church was open to the idea and the entire group will be meeting with the county.

The church school also has significant challenges during the week for parents turning into and out of the church.  The church has agreed to provide us with a list of all of the groups that use the church throughout the week so that we can support our case with both the county and Georgia DOT that turning into the church is an issue all week, not just on Sundays.

New Emory Lightning Warning System and More


COVE Board members Emily Koumans and Martha Pacini attended the recent Emory Community Meeting.  Emory has installed lightning detectors on its baseball fields.  A loud horn will sound if there is lightning within a 3-4 mile radius.

Emory is coordinating on construction of a path under the Clairmont Rd bridge (near the VA), linking Starvine Way bike access to the path that goes to Medlock Park through Mason Mill Park.

Also, there will be construction at Emory’s Briarcliff campus (library resources to be housed there).

Report of the Georgia House Annexation, Deannexation, and Incorporation Study Committee


The committee has drafted recommendations concerning improvements to the process related to the creation of new cities and the related impacts. They include:

  • Possible legislation to expand and define a proper legal notice to ensure all local governments are informed including specific definitions of services to be provided.
  • Definition in Georgia Code of “city-lite” municipalities that offer limited services.
  • Maintain that only the population in a proposed city boundary should have the vote on incorporation.
  • Requirement that a proposed city must have a defined map, scope of services, and feasibility study completed the first year of a two-year session.
  • Committee rule changes or new procedures to create annexation sub-committees to determine the impacts on specific school systems, county distribution of services, and impact on the county government and neighboring cities.

The full report is here. It is recommended that you contact the committee members directly with any comments or suggestions. Annex_Deannex_Incorp_FINAL_REPORT

DeKalb County House Delegation Pre-Legislative Town Hall Meetings

December 9,10, and January 7 – 7pm

DeKalb Delegation Meetings


One thought on “COVE Report – December 8, 2015

  1. Mary Dampier

    Two other considerations regarding the Houston Mill and La Vista intersection

    1. Consider a delayed light at the intersection so the Young Isreal congregation can go straight without being hit by the left turners off Houston Mill. Many drivers do not. Realize there is a left turn AND a straight lane leaving Young Isreal.

    2. During the morning it is impossible to turn left at the Houston Mill and LaVista intersection. The lift cycle is set to funnel traffic into Emory. If you do not get through that intersection before 0630 you cannot turn left.
    You must cut down Adele to biltmore to make the left turn.


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