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COVE Annual Membership Meeting 2015

The annual membership meeting is Tuesday night (July 21), 7:00 – 8:00 pm, at 961 Castle Falls Drive

The meeting will include a presentation of accomplishments, election of board members, review of budget, and next year plans.

2015 COVE annual meeting agenda

COVE Annual Report 2015_PRINT_VERSION

COVE Annual Membership Meeting Minutes – 2014 July 22

The board member slate for election/re-election for 2015/2016 is:
Martha Pacini – current board member
Pat Killingsworth – current board member
Emily Koumans – current board member
Bobby Baker

Citizens of Victoria Estates Board of Directors
Erika Birg
Tim Buchman
Pat Killingsworth
Emily Koumans
Carl Lange
Ron McCauley
Martha Pacini
Peter Sederberg
David Woolf