COVE Report – November 11, 2014

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DeKalb Government Operations Task Force

Operations Task Force Subcommittee on Incorporation and Annexation Meeting
Wednesday, November 12
6:00 pm
Please note the location change:
DeKalb Medical at North Decatur
Keeton Auditorium – (ground floor)
2701 North Decatur Road
Decatur, GA 30033

On the agenda is: Incorporation and annexation – Financial Impact on Unincorporated DeKalb County

Public Hearings on Brookhaven’s Proposed Annexation of Executive Park

Planning Commission – November 12
City Council – November 18 & 20

Brookhaven annexation













Woodland Hills Cityhood Survey Results

Survey Says: Yes, Woodland Hills Is Interested In Joining A City

According to the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association, a survey earlier this month indicated 79% of the participants who responded prefer to join a city, either by being annexed by the City of Atlanta or joining a new DeKalb city.

Blueprint DeKalb Continues Forward

A Blueprint DeKalb Op Ed by Pat Killingsworth and Gil Thurman appeared in the AJC posted October 22. Click here

From Blueprint DeKalb:

• Delivering our call for reform at all three of the DeKalb delegation’s pre-session public meetings,
• Bringing the Blueprints message personally and in writing to Operations Task Force members,
• Informing 2014 Neighborhood Summit attendees about Blueprints goals
• Speaking with a League of Women Voters group and scheduling other speaking engagements with local groups (see the new calendar on the Blueprints website,
• Setting up meetings with legislators and commissioners to ask for their support.
• Keeping the website updated. BTW, we apologize to AOL users who are not able to take the Blueprints survey; fixing that problem will require moving to a new system and we’re working on it.

Four Things You Can Do in 1-2 Minutes:
• Send an email or call your state senator and state representative asking them to support the Blueprint reform recommendations. Please CC or BCC on that email, so that we can track who is hearing this message. Find emails for DeKalb legislative delegation members here. Not sure which district you’re in? Login on the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Page” to find your districts.
• Send an email or call your county commissioners (regular & super-district) to emphasize the need for bold reform, not weak tweaks of existing conditions.
• Send an email or call the Operations Task Force to encourage bold reform recommendations, not weak tweaks of existing conditions. Need a list? Click here.
• If your name isn’t already listed on the Blueprints Supporters List, send an email to containing the message “I support Blueprint DeKalb”, with your name and your home zipcode.
Four Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes:
• Send an article on Blueprint reform recommendations to your neighborhood association newsletter/email list.
• Talk to a neighbor about the Blueprint reform recommendations and ask them to endorse the Blueprint.
• Make an appointment to speak with your commissioner/legislator to discuss your support for Blueprint reform recommendations in person.
• Distribute the op-ed on Blueprint reform recommendations to your immediate neighbors.
Got More Time? We Need Your Help!
• Are you experienced in crafting political messages, coordinating volunteer lobbyists, or working with the media? Bringing your managerial expertise and leadership in these areas would be great! eMail
• We need to get our supporter list to 10,000 names—help us do that and prove to elected officials that the public believes in the Blueprint reform recommendations. We need your strategic support in achieving this objective! Ask your friends and coworkers to send an email to containing the message “I support Blueprint DeKalb”, with their name and their home zipcode.

Emory’s Position on the Current Cityhood and Annexation Initiatives


Following is an excerpt from a letter by Emory’s Charlie Harmon, VP of Government and Community Affairs at Emory University addressed to Dawn Forman of the Laurel Ridge Shamrock Civic Association .

“In sum, Emory continues to monitor the efforts by engaged citizens on all aspects of the cityhood process. We support complete and timely transparency of all efforts. And we are sensitive to our neighbors and their wishes.”

He also stated that Emory was sensitive to neighborhoods surrounding them and not pushing anyone in any direction, the cityhood movements should have maps that are transparent, along with a transparent process, so that all are able to see what is taking place, and that Emory wants to keep all aspects of its campus together in one municipality and not in several municipalities.

Video of Executive Park Hotel Demolition

Sat Nov 8, 2014 – Brookhaven Post

executive park hotel









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