COVE Report – November 5, 2014

Mason Mill Civic Association
Citizens of Victoria Estates

For Immediate Release November 5, 2014

Survey Indicates Residents in Two Central DeKalb Neighborhoods Wish to Remain Unincorporated

DeKalb County, GA – A survey of the residents of Mason Mill and Victoria Estates neighborhoods, located adjacent to Emory University, indicates an overwhelming preference to remain unincorporated. Residents of these longstanding established neighborhoods include many Emory and CDC employees, members of the neighboring Jewish Orthodox temples, and many younger families, among others. Both neighborhoods were included in previously proposed maps for the cities of Lakeside and Briarcliff.

58% of survey respondents ranked remaining unincorporated as their top choice, over annexation by Atlanta or becoming part of a new DeKalb city. Further, remaining unincorporated was favored by more than 2 to 1 over each of the cityhood options when considered separately. The survey also revealed that a potential decision by Emory University (1) to be annexed by Atlanta, (2) become part of a new city or (3) remain unincorporated would not have a major impact on the survey participants’ decisions.

The neighborhoods conducted the survey in order to provide local leaders with a better understanding of residents’ perspectives on annexation and new city initiatives. The Mason Mill Civic Association in coordination with the Citizens of Victoria Estates developed the survey.


The survey was distributed by email through the neighborhood association email lists. In addition, every home received a flyer and/or an opportunity to complete a paper survey to have those views included in the results. Almost 200 respondents from the approximately 400 homes in the two neighborhoods completed the survey.

For a copy of the survey: Neighborhood Survey

For complete survey results and analysis: Survey Analysis

For a spreadsheet of original data: MM-VE data for release

For all comments in the surveys: MM-VE Positives-Negatives by Pref Group [link added on 11/6/2014]

The results also have been distributed to the Lakeside and Briarcliff cityhood initiatives, city of Atlanta, Emory University, members of the DeKalb legislative delegation, the Georgia House of Representative’s Governmental Affairs committee, other local elected officials and all survey participants.


Mary Hinkel, President, Mason Mill Civic Association
Phone: 404-235-5117

Martha Pacini, President, Citizens of Victoria Estates
Phone: 404-285-7042

One thought on “COVE Report – November 5, 2014

  1. David and Nancy Scott

    We were glad to participate in the survey and thank those who put it together and did the analysis. May the information be taken seriously by those sorting out future city initiatives.


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