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COVEReport – August 11, 2014

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Happy Birthday COVE!

Birthday-Cake-With-One-Candle-LitOur first annual meeting was held on July 22 at the home of Pat and Scott Killingsworth with 35+ members and guests attending.

President Martha Pacini highlighted the many accomplishments of COVE this first year toward its goals of:
– Communicating on issues of impact to Victoria Estates
– Ensuring Victoria Estates is properly represented in cityhood/county initiatives
– Participating in regional civic groups and coordinate with neighboring civic organizations
– Representing COVE members concerning public safety
– Working to maintain the quality of our neighborhood.


Click for more: COVE Annual Report 2014

Primary focus areas for 2014 – 2015 are cityhood, county affairs, zoning, and working with neighboring institutions and organizations.

COVE is pursuing registration as a 501c(4) social welfare organization as defined by the IRS for “civic leagues or organizations.”

Board of directors were approved for the 2014-2015 year. They are returning board members Martha Pacini, Erika Birg ,Pat Killingsworth , David Woolf , Carl Lange, Tim Buchman, and Emily Koumans . New board members are Ron McCauley and Peter Sederberg.


Emory University and Ebola

EmoryAs you are probably aware, two patients are being treated for Ebola at the Emory University Hospital. Information concerning the great work the university is doing, including advanced safety and security measures to treat these patients, is located here:
What You Need to Know About the Ebola Virus and Emory University Hospital

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Dispels Ebola Myths

South Fork Peachtree Creek

Carl Lange – August 8

While taking an evening walk down Castle Falls, Juan and I could hear and see the the creek overflowing from the afternoon storm behind several homes. We went down Houston Mill to the bridge and this is what we saw.


Houston Mill Vacant Homes – Update

signPlans for development of the four properties near the intersection of Houston Mill and Rainier Falls, while delayed, are still expected to proceed. The four existing homes have been empty all summer and the grass has remained uncut. The previous owner, Mark Brandwine, passed unexpectedly, and the properties have remained in legal process.
Mary Hinkel, Mason Mill Association President, spoke to Kelly Boudreau of Harry Norman on Tuesday, who confirmed that the properties are expected to change ownership as early as the end of the month. In fact, the application for demolition of the homes is in process. The plans are as before to proceed with the construction of 4 new single-residence homes.
Mason Mill Civic Association and COVE will continue to monitor for any unexpected change of development plans for the properties.
Thanks to Mary for following up.
Click here for past details

Summary of Proposed South DeKalb YMCA Master Agreement

YMCAJuly, 30, 2014 – From Debbie Schneider

An issue currently proposed and soon to return to Board of Commissioners Agenda is the purchase by DeKalb County of the South DeKalb YMCA using $4.95 million parks greenspace bond money. Commissioners Rader and Gannon have opposed this purchase. Below are additional facts about this purchase. Attached is a map showing nearby recreation facilities. [click here] Supporters of this proposal are inviting DeKalb residents to tour property at August 3rd at 4 PM; August 9th and 16th at 8:30, 9:30 and 10 AM. You may also want to visit some of the other recreation facilities highlighted on this map. See the Bigger Picture – South DeKalb YMCA

Please remember that this item will be on the agenda for a vote by the Board of Commissioners at their meeting, Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

Summary of Proposed South DeKalb YMCA Master Agreement
• This agreement is exclusively negotiated with the YMCA, and the like has not been offered to any other organization or governmental partner. The Y brings no money to the table for improving the property. The YMCA will use public money to operate a recreation facility that requires membership and fees to use.
• The private South DeKalb YMCA at 2565 Snapfinger Road is less than three miles from DeKalb’s Browns Mill Recreation and Aquatics Center and less than 3 miles from Exchange Park Recreation Center, together the object of $16.1 million in recent and ongoing Parks Bond developmental investment (Exchange-$7.2 million, Browns Mill-$8.9 million) . The agreement will sink a grand total of over $21 million of Bond improvements within a 3 mile radius.
• DeKalb County will purchase the existing YMCA for $5 million, using $1 million of District 3 and 7 Parks Bond Land Acquisition Funding and $4 million in County Wide Acquisition Funding. The agreement diverts land acquisition funding to development, contrary to the Bond Referendum. The property is appraised at $2.5 million for tax purposes, with the land appraised at $400,000.
• After the purchase, the County will transfer the property to the Development Authority of DeKalb County (DADC), who will lease the property back to the YMCA for $1 per year for 50 years. At the end of the lease, the property reverts to DeKalb County.
• The YMCA will renovate the building to its own plan, and continue to operate the facility as a YMCA, charging a fee schedule of its own choosing, except that special benefits exclusively for residents of three surrounding zip codes shall be provided, including waiver of initiation fees for ten years, registration preference, special programing and financial assistance. Typically the annual membership fees are $648 per individuals and $1,100 for a family.
• The YMCA must maintain and repair the facility, and the County may improve the building, subject to YMCA approval. DeKalb will continue to operate Browns Mill and Exchange at public expense.
• The County may sponsor all of four free events per year at the South DeKalb Y, and DADC may sponsor up to 2 events per year, subordinate to YMCA programming, and with 30 days’ notice

The proposal is for the County to buy the facility, lease it back to YMCA for a nominal amount, enabling the YMCA to use the proceeds from the sale to renovate portions of the property.

Debbie Schneider
Policy Advisor
District 2 Commissioner Jeff Rader

Davis Fox
Policy and Projects Manager for
Super District 6 Commissioner Kathie Gannon
DeKalb County Board of Commissioners

New cities debated across DeKalb County

July 26, 2014 By Mark Niesse – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The idea of turning all of DeKalb County into a patchwork map of cities, suggested by Interim CEO Lee May, doesn’t appear to have gained much traction with a group of community leaders, experts and lawmakers planning the county’s future. Click for more

Board of Commissioners to Vote on South DeKalb Y   – August 12

I3. Approve Master Agreement Among DeKalb County, Georgia, Development Authority of DeKalb County, Georgia, and YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc. for a Public-Private Partnership (Accepted to the Regular BOC Meeting Agenda; Assigned to the Employee Relations & Community Services Committee – recommended approval; Normal Coursed from the 3/25/14 Regular BOC Meeting; Discussed during the 4/1/14 Employee Relations & Community Services Committee meeting – recommended 2-week deferral; Deferred from the 4/8/14, 4/22/14 & 5/13/14 Regular BOC Meetings; No action for lack of four votes during the 6/10/14 Regular BOC Meeting; Deferred from the 6/24/14 Regular BOC Meeting)
Planning & Sustainability

Full Agenda

DeKalb County Operations Task Force

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August 6, 2014 Task Force Meeting

Notes from Beth Nation – via Civic Association Network

As one participant noted, there are probably 15 different opinions around the table about what the OTF needs to do/accomplish. Many of those opinions were expressed; after an hour of discussion the group did seem closer to jelling. A lot of variation on (a) whether form of
government is a critical topic or not, (b) why cityhoods are happening and how best to deal with what remains of the unincorporated county; (c) where to find the info necessary for fruitful discussions. Areas that to me felt closest to consensus were the need for ethics and
transparency improvements (includes audits) and maybe the need for improved cost efficiency in county government. For more click here:  140806 DeKalb Operational Task Force_140806

Task Force Website