COVEReport – April 21, 2014

Today (April 21) is the Deadline to Register to Vote





(don’t assume you are good to go)
Last year several Georgia voters were taken off the voter rolls who shouldn’t have been.
  Don’t wait until you go vote to find out this has happened to you.  Before you go to the polls on Tuesday, May 20th, check your voter registration status.  It’s super fast and easy to do online.


If you are not registered, or you need to change your voting address, you can now do this completely online!    Register online today.

C.A.N. Candidates Fair and Forum – April 27

Sunday, April 27, 2014 – 1:30 – 5:30pm

April 10, 2014 – Martha Pacini

Election Day is May 20!  Voter turnout for midyear elections is notoriously low, but there is a lot at stake, so we should all exercise our right to vote.

There are more than 40 Elected Positions on the May 20 ballot, with more than 100 Candidates vying for those positions.  Through its Candidates Fair + Forums, CAN—the Civic Association Network—is making it easier for you to get up to speed quickly about the issues and who is running for which positions and what they stand for.  There will be three moderated topic forums, as well as representatives from candidates for elected office.

It’s a one-stop shop for the voter who wants to be informed.

Event: CAN Candidates Fair + Forum

Host: CAN–Civic Association Network

Time: Sunday, April 27, 2014 01:30PM

Location: Hellenic Community Center, Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Address: 2500 Clairmont Road, Atlanta

Link to forum announcement

COVE is a sponsor of C.A.N. Candidates Fair and Forum. COVE does not endorse, sponsor or donate to any political candidate.

DeKalb Seeks Input on the Comprehensive Transportation Plan

C.A.N. Candidates Fair and Forum – April 27


The public is invited to review the draft Comprehensive Transportation Plan and to submit comments during the 30 day comment period which ends on May 9, 2014. All comments should be submitted in writing to or by postal mail to the following address:
DeKalb County Transportation Plan
c/o Sycamore Consulting, Inc.
195 Arizona Avenue, Unit LW-4
Atlanta, GA 30307
Click here to access the document or visit  Physical copies of the document can also be reviewed here:

DeKalb County Government

Board of Commissioners Office (lobby)

1300 Commerce Drive; 5th Floor

Decatur, GA 30030

CDC Expansion Plans Run into Clifton Road Traffic

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Ellie Hensley
Staff Writer- Atlanta Business Chronicle

Atlanta’s gridlocked roads are posing a threat to a major economic development project — the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s plans to expand its facilities and add 1,500
Residents near the center’s Edward R. Roybal Campus on Clifton Road are worried that such an
influx of new commuters would be too much for the already congested corridor. The CDC shares the street with Emory Healthcare, Emory University and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and thousands of citizens who live nearby depend on the roadway to get where they need to go.
Area homeowners and other stakeholders gathered at a public hearing on March 20 to voice their concerns about the CDC’s 2015-2025 master plan, which offers two alternatives for how its campus might expand in the coming years.
The “no action” alternative would not result in any new construction to the 47.7-acre campus, and projects the addition of about 62 employees.
The “preferred alternative” calls for the construction of an up to 450,000-square-foot laboratory
and 1,600-space parking deck, along with 650 new employees and the potential for a total of 1,485 new employees by 2025.
“My concern is that this growth, without additional infrastructure improvements at a minimum, may put our local roadways over the tipping point and cause gridlock,” said Michael Mandl, executive vice president for Business and Administration at Emory, in a statement to the CDC. “This is especially concerning given the number of medical emergency vehicles and patients that access the Clifton Road Corridor.”
According to the CDC’s Roybal Campus 2025 Master Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement
(DEIS), 19 of the 23 intersections projected to experience the highest increase in traffic as a result of the expansion will “contain failing movements” in 2025. Of these intersections, 14 were already failing in 2012.
“With the projected background growth by the year 2025 and the lack of transportation
improvements, the majority of intersections and roadways serving the Clifton Corridor are
anticipated to function at unacceptable levels of service with long vehicle delays and congestion,” the DEIS said. “New vehicles trips generated as a result of implementation of the Master Plan Preferred Alternative are anticipated to further exacerbate poor traffic conditions.”
Some of the campus’ neighbors said the gridlock is partially due to the CDC’s previous expansions.
“The area immediately surrounding the Roybal Campus has experienced a significant impact from the expansion that took place over the the past 10 years at the CDC campus on Clifton,” said Martha Abbott Pancini in a statement submitted to the CDC.
The proposed TSPLOST regional transportation sales tax, which was rejected soundly by voters in 2012, would have allocated $700 million for a new light rail line along the Clifton Corridor from MARTA’s Lindbergh Station in Buckhead to Emory. Now the CDC and others in the corridor must find another way to mitigate congestion.
Bruce MacGregor, who represented the Druid Hills Neighborhood Association at the March 20
hearing, suggested that the CDC follow the example of its neighbor Emory, which charges for oncampus parking. He said that by subsidizing parking, the agency is encouraging people to drive alone, which would increase air pollution and vehicle crashes.
There is concern about who will pay for the needed infrastructure improvements.
“…We feel it is important, if the Preferred Alternative is pursued, that the DEIS state or recommend the CDC ask for legislation to approve federal funding to help pay for traffic mitigation (e.g., signalization) in the Clifton Road/Briarcliff Road area,” said Matthew Early, vice president of Campus Services for Emory University, in a statement. “The DEIS should not suggest that responsibility falls predominantly on DeKalb County or GDOT.”
Ellie Hensley is a health care and general assignment reporter.

Upcoming Events

Campaign Event for Elena Parent – April 21

DeKalb Board of Commissioners Meeting – April 22

Neighborhood Watch Training and Tour of DeKalb’s 911 Center – April 22

Briarcliff City Initiative Meeting – April 22

Friends of Thompson Park Volunteer Day – April 26

C.A.N. Candidates Fair and Forum – April 27

Campaign Event for Kyle Williams – April 27

Mason Mill Civic Ass’n, Logan’s Knoll & Victoria Estates Spring Fling Picnic  – April 27

Campaign Event for Elena Parent – April 30

American Cancer Society Relay for Life – May 16


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