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House Committee to Hold Hearings on Lakeside and Briarcliff

Lakeside mapThe House Governmental Affairs Committee will be holding a hearing on the City of Briarcliff on Thursday, March 6 from 1-2 pm and Lakeside from 2-3 pm . Supporters and opponents are invited to attend and may be given a 1-2 minute opportunity to voice their opinions.

The meetings will be held in room 606 of the Coverdell Legislative Building on 18 Capitol Square SW (across from the Capitol). Supporters are planning to arrive by 12:00 pm to obtain limited seating. Early arrival is reccommended.



Public parking is available at several nearby lots for approximately $5 but may be limited.

Pete Hackney Parking Deck (directions provided below), 162 Jesse Hill, Jr. Drive

Steve Polk Parking Plaza, 65 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive

90 Central Parking Lot, Accessible from Central Avenue & Courtland Street

MARTA: The “Georgia State” MARTA Station, which is on the East-West Line, is located in the Floyd Building, diagonally opposite the Capitol. Exit station onto Piedmont Avenue. Turn LEFT and walk two blocks to Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. You can enter the Capitol at any one of the Security checkpoints.

CAR (Directions are to the Pete Hackney parking deck, which is located two blocks from the Capitol.):

I-75/85 Southbound Exit #248A Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. Turn RIGHT onto MLK Jr. Drive; turn RIGHT onto Jessie Hill, Jr. Drive. Pete Hackney deck is 2nd garage on the right.

I-75/85 Northbound Exit #246 Fulton Street. Turn RIGHT onto Fulton St.; then left onto Capitol Avenue. Cross Memorial Drive; then turn RIGHT onto MLK, Jr. Drive. Turn LEFT onto Jessie Hill, Jr. Drive. Pete Hackney deck is 2nd garage on the right.

I-20 Westbound Exit 258A Capital Avenue. Turn RIGHT onto Capital Avenue and follow to MLK, Jr. Drive. Turn RIGHT and go to the first traffic light. Turn LEFT onto Jessie Hill, Jr. Drive. Pete Hackney deck is 2nd garage on the right.

I-20 Eastbound Exit 256B Windsor/Spring Street. Go straight on this street to Central Avenue (3rd traffic light). Turn LEFT onto Central Avenue; turn RIGHT on Memorial Drive. Go to second traffic light and turn LEFT onto Capitol Avenue. Turn RIGHT onto MLK, Jr. Drive. Turn LEFT onto Jessie Hill, Jr. Drive. Pete Hackney deck is 2nd garage on the right

House Governmental Affairs Committee Agenda


Lakeside near VE

SB 270 – Act to incorporate the City of Lakeside in DeKalb County

if you are unable to attend, voicing your opinion by phone or email is recommended.

Voice Your Opinion on Cityhood

01 Your Voice CountsIf you are unable to attend the House Committee hearings on Lakeside and Briarcliff, calls and emails should be directed to:

House Speaker Ralston – 404.656.5020

Gov. Nathan Deal –  404-656-1776

House Governmental Affairs committee (GAFF) Chair Amy Carter- 404.656.6801

GAFF Members

Rep. Buzz Brockway, Vice Chair – 404.656.0188

Rep. Darlene Taylor, Secretary – 404.656.0178

Rep. Dustin Hightower – 404.656.0152

Rep. Howard Mosby – 404.656.0287

Rep. Barry Fleming – 404.656.0152

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver – 404.656.0265

Rep. Tyrone Brooks – 404.656.6372

Rep. Larry O’Neal – 404.656.5052

Rep. Hugh Floyd – 404.656.0314

Rep. Jay Powell – 404.656.7855

Rep. Rusty Kidd – 404.656.0202

Rep. Alan Powell- 404.463.3793

Rep. John Meadows – 404.656.5141

Rep. Bruce Williamson – 404.656.0152

Rep. Alisha Morgan – 404.656.0109

Rep. Mark Hamilton – 404.656.5132

Dekalb State House Reps

Sample Letter from Briarcliff Initiative

Email Subject: Please Support Briarcliff!!

Dear Representative,

I am a resident of unincorporated DeKalb County. I am writing to show my support for Briarcliff as my preferred city. I am urging you to vote to allow Briarcliff to continue the legislative process.

Briarcliff presents the best solution to cityhood and solves cityhood for inside the perimeter while being respectful to the outside the perimeter community of Tucker and other existing cities.

I realize you face a hard decision from other cityhood groups, Lakeside specifically inside the perimeter. I hope you look at the overall picture for the future of DeKalb, including that one city does not solve cityhood for everyone. It leaves people behind inside the perimeter and ruins the history of communities outside the perimeter such as Tucker.

Please help residents like me by continuing to give Briarcliff a voice.


Sample Letter from Lakeside Initiative

SUBJECT LINE: I Support Lakeside!

Dear Representative:

Please vote yes on Sen. Millar’s SB 270 when it comes before the Governmental Affairs Committee for consideration.  I live in the boundaries of the proposed city of Lakeside and ask you to allow me and my neighbors the opportunity to vote on how our community governs itself.

Please hear ordinary residents like me over the refrains of high-paid lobbyists hired by other cityhood groups to stop our voices from being heard.  These outside forces are trying to run out the legislative clock on my desire for a vote on cityhood with false statements about imminent behind-the-scenes deals.  We are ready to move forward now with the bill in its present form, and I respectfully request that you not allow others to hold up our legislation or to attach poison pill amendments.

The truth is that the Lakeside City Alliance has held over 75 community meetings during the past year, leafleted every neighborhood in the boundary area and maintained a positive message and vision for an efficient, responsive local government.  Unfortunately, other city groups have chosen to focus most of their efforts on attempting to stop Lakeside.

My community needs and wants the opportunity to vote on creating the city of Lakeside.   There are no secret negotiations for a megacity and no reason not to proceed ahead.  We ask you to allow SB 270 to move forward without delay.   After over a year of voicing their desires, we, the residents of Lakeside, deserve the opportunity to vote on the referendum for self-governance.

Please help us by voting YES on SB 270.

Thank you.

Your name and address

Sample Letter for Moratorium

Email Subject Line: I support City Moratorium

Dear Representative,

I’m asking to you to vote against Senate Bill 270 concerning the proposed city of Lakeside and support a cityhood moratorium.

I’d like a more sensible opportunity to review city options and how they might impact my neighborhood, surrounding neighbors, and DeKalb.

The proposed Lakeside does damage by splitting our immediate neighborhood, separating us from our economic center and surrounding neighbors, and unlike other recently formed cities such as Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and Brookhaven, has no shared sense of community.

The Lakeside Initiative and Senator Millar have made last minute changes to the borders of the proposed city in and around my neighborhood with no public transparency or the decency of advanced notice. We have actively engaged and interested neighbors who have requested involvement in a democratic process, and instead have confronted a strong-arm campaign for a rush to mega-city vote.

Independent of my personal preference, all citizen affected by the proposed changes should have advance notice and time to weigh in on the process.  Fair evaluation and hearing of other proposals for cityhood is essential to representative government, and the efforts of Lakeside to drown out other opinions should not sway elected officials from representing all of their constituents.

Address (Victoria Estates)
Atlanta, GA


One thought on “COVEReport – March 5, 2014

  1. Stewart R. Roberts, Jr.

    I am opposed to the many city-hoods of North DeKalb, especially the additional city of Lakeside. It includes the Toco Hills shopping center for tax purposes and excludes adjacent neighborhoods. I smell a political l fish. I believe DeKalb County is best served by a moratorium on city-hood. Off the three proposed, the city ofd Briarcliff makes the most sense.


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