COVEReport 2014-1-26

Express Your Views This Week to the Georgia Assembly and Senate!!

Martha Pacini, COVE President – January 26, 2014

Please express your views on the cityhood question DIRECTLY to the DeKalb delegation in the Georgia Assembly and Senate by the end of this week!!

Over the course of numerous meetings that several of us in Victoria Estates have attended in the last few days, the Legislative Delegation had made it clear that it is imperative that Victoria Estates and Mason Mill neighbors must weigh in with our DeKalb County representatives and senators regarding our wishes when it comes to the various city-hood bills or a preference for a moratorium.  Without our input, we run the risk of allowing the Legislature to cast this issue along stark demographic lines, which would not reflect the variety of commitments that Victoria Estates or Mason Mill embraces.  The Legislative Delegation must hear from our neighborhoods by the end of this week as things are moving quickly, and if we want our opinions to count, they need to hear them now.
Here are some pointers for your email:

1.  In the subject line state “In Favor of Moratorium,” “In Favor of Briarcliff,” or “In Favor of Lakeside.”

2.  In the first sentence, state (1) that you live in the Victoria Estates neighborhood; (2) the reason you are writing (i.e., you want a moratorium or you are in support of one of the city-hood bills).

3.  Add brief bullets (3-4 are best) regarding your reasons.  Keep it short.

4.  Put your name and address on the bottom of the email so they know from whom it came.

5.  Copy the block of addresses and paste them into the address line of your email (this will send your email to each of the County’s legislators):;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;; ;;;;; ; ;;;

6.  Special request:  forward a copy of the email to COVE at—we are trying to keep track of our neighbors’ opinions on this important issue

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