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Carl Lange – 1/23/14

The COVE board has been closely monitoring the happenings at the Capitol concerning the proposed cityhood initiatives. It’s critical for you to voice your opinion as this impacts you, your home, and neighborhood. Decisions are being made, representatives are paying attention to calls and emails, and the ramifications of decisions made now may have a significant impact.

Quick Summary:

City of Tucker is gaining some support and may have a chance of being passed by the House and Senate, moving to referendum for vote this year.

City of Lakeside has conflicts with the Tucker boundaries, but these may be worked out. Passage in the Senate will be a key hurdle, with gubernatorial candidate/senator Jason Carter rumored to not be supportive of Lakeside.

Surrounding cities have annexation plans that conflict with Lakeside and Tucker, suggesting there will need to be some rework of proposed new city boundaries.

Briarcliff has popular support but may continue to suffer from the perception of being an attempt to stop Lakeside. Political support is currently perceived as being weaker than for the other proposals.

A proposal for a moratorium on city creation is being developed. We understand Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver has dropped a bill regarding a moratorium.

A proposal for a county charter commission, to address county corruption and structure, is being developed.

What You Can Do:

Whatever your position, voicing it now is critical.

If you are a supporter of a moratorium and/or no new cities in DeKalb, contacting the representatives listed below by email or phone is recommended.  If you are attempting to block the passage of Lakeside, contacting Jason Carter is recommended. We recommend calling his office and e-mailing.

If you are a Lakeside or Briarcliff supporter, contacting the representatives is advisable. You may also contact those initiatives to volunteer.

Annexation by city of Atlanta is another option that could come up, should Briarcliff not succeed and Druid Hills and Emory move into the city. This has a longer track and the COVE board is also monitoring what’s happening around this.

DeKalb State House Representatives List

DeKalb State Senators List

Sample Communication to DeKalb Delegation

Bills Currently in the House and Senate Relating to Cityhood and Annexation

PatPat Killingsworth – January 23, 2014

I have researched all of the bills currently in the House and Senate relating to cityhood and annexation and have come up with the following:

HB 665 – Placeholder for City of Briarcliff

HB 677 – Placeholder for City of Tucker

HB 687 – Placeholder for City of DeKalb (to incorporate all of unincorporated DeKalb)

HB 690 – Provides a new mechanism for “islands” within city borders to annex into their surrounding municipality by arbitration

HB 692 – New requirements for municipal incorporation (that would make all future incorporation of municipalities in DeKalb County geographically impossible)

HB 830 – New requirements for municipal incorporation (that would slow the cityhood process down considerably, but still make it virtually impossible to create a new city in DeKalb County, even with the amended geographic requirements – similar to HB 22 last session introduced by MMO)

SB 270 – City of Lakeside

SB 275 – Placeholder for City of LaVista Hills

SB 277 – Placeholder for City of DeKalb

SB 278 – Placeholder for City of Stonecrest

I am attaching copies of the House bills and the City of Lakeside bill, which includes their charter and is ready to go.  The Lakeside bill has already been moved out of subcommittee to the State and Local Government Operations (SLGO) General Committee.  Although I was assured by several persons before that a bill had been introduced into the Senate by Tucker, that does not appear to be the case.  They have, however, put together a charter and hired a lobbyist (which probably created the confusion).  I expect that Tucker will amend placeholder HB 677, or possibly drop a new Senate Bill, in the near future.

There is still no clarity on the issue of boundaries between the proposed cities, or between the proposed cities and currently existing cities with annexation plans, or between currently existing cities regarding overlapping annexation proposals.  The map is, quite literally, all over the place, and there have been no announcements of compromises by anyone to date (although some may have been made).

I will report back from the Glenn meeting tomorrow and the DHCA annual meeting on Sunday.

State of the County Address – Thursday, January 23

Please click here to let us know if you will be in attendance.
This event is free to the public.


DeKalb County will have a “State of the County” luncheon at the Emory Conference Center on Thursday, January 23, starting at 11:30.  The event is co-sponsored by the Council for Quality Growth  and the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, and at last look, was sold out (the cost is $40).  Not to worry, the County has also planned a meeting to present a free-of-charge “State of the County” address at the Sanford Porter Center on at 7:00 p.m. on the same day.

Recent Meetings

My apologies for the belated notice, but wanted all to be aware of activities occurring – Carl Lange

Senator Ronald Ramsey (D-Lithonia), Chairman of the DeKalb Senate Delegation, along with Representative Howard Mosby (D-Atlanta), Chairman of the DeKalb House Delegation, along with the joint DeKalb Delegation hosted a meeting on Wednesday, January 22 at the Manuel Maloof Auditorium. Members of the delegation discussed education, cityhood, form of government and annexation.

Mary Margaret Oliver and Jason Carter spoke to Glenn Memorial Wednesday night supper on January 22.

Crime Prevention:

COVE is organizing a neighborhood meeting for mid to late February to include a presentation from the County on crime prevention, police updates, and to have an opportunity for neighbors to exchange information. Details will follow once the event is scheduled.