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High Risk for Criminal Activity in Victoria Estates this Evening!

Erika Birg, at 822 Castle Falls Drive, has alerted us to recent suspicious/unusual activities today, indicating a high risk for criminal activity in our immediate area.
As Marian stated earlier today, please call 911 immediately if you suspect a problem.  The details of Erika’s observations are below in an email addressed to Mr. Fowler of the DeKalb police department.
   – Carl Lange

Mr. Fowler,

I expect you are aware of the 4 car entry and thefts that happened last night on Vistavia Circle nearby.  This morning at 5:38 AM, an SUV pulled all the way into our driveway – to our backdoor (822 Castle Falls Dr) , waited a minute, and backed out.  It pulled next door, so we thought it was just in the wrong place.  But, I confirmed tonight that it was not a visitor or driver for next door (860 Castle Falls Dr).

This evening, at 7 pm, another car pulled into our driveway, all the way to the backdoor, continued to talk on the phone, before finally turning around and leaving.  Driver was a white woman, seemed to have dark hair, talking on a cellphone with a pink cover.  The car was a white 4 door, Nissan – less than 5 years old but not brand new.  She sat in our driveway for about a minute before pulling away.  She did not acknowledge my husband, who she could have seen looking at her from the backdoor.

When I called to tell my neighbor at 860 Castle Falls Dr of these odd events, she informed me that late morning today she had two taxicabs (description unknown) pull into her driveway (one arrived, left and then one returned), one parking for nearly 30 minutes.  She was home, but decided not to confront them.

The vehicle I saw this morning at 5:38 was a small SUV, but we could not get the plate from our house.  Description was dark — burgundy or dark green perhaps.  Rear plate area was illuminated, but can’t recall if it was on bumper or tail gate.  Headlights were functional and operating.  Looked like the shape of a Toyota RAV, Honda CRV or a Suzuki version of a small SUV.  I did call 911 at about 5:40 AM, but when I saw the SUV leaving 860 Castle Falls Dr, I assumed it was to pick up someone and not something to worry about, so I ended the 911 call.

We are on high alert over here.  If there is anything we can do to have a patrol come through our neighborhood at night, I know we would all appreciate it.

Thank you,

Erika Birg

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