Suspicous Car – Gold Mercury Sable

This was forwarded from Civic Association Network concerning some break ins yesterday, 10/8/13. Be on the lookout and call 911 if you suspect you see this car!  – Carl

On the Medlock Facebook Page this was posted from the Druid Hills Conservatory Neighborhood.

“Residents:  The community has suffered a break in mid morning and the car they were seen in is a Gold Mercury Sable containing a white male and an African American male wearing a black hoodie.  The police informed us that they have been looking for these suspects for some time now, as they have been committing break ins all over the area from Emory to Lawrenceville Highway.  Our maintenance team spotted the vehicle on the property about an hour ago (7:30 pm) and we immediately called police.  The car though had left.

We are asking that if you see this vehicle which could quite possibly be sitting in a parking space, CALL 911 right away!!!!  They are looking for these suspects.  Please do not attempt to approach this vehicle, as your safety is our first priority.”

Please share this information with your neighbors and remind them to call 911 if they see this vehicle with the suspects mentioned driving around the neighborhood, parked in a driveway where it doesn’t belong, or parked on the street.

Thank you for staying alert and staying vigilant!!!

Dawn Forman

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