Let’s get our sidewalks fixed!

Safety Committee


COVE reached out to DeKalb County services and requested a contact for getting our numerous sidewalks fixed.

We did get a prompt reply back and we’ve been asked to submit a list of addresses for investigation.

If your sidewalk is broken, please forward your address to us so we can let the county know.

This is building on the great work by neighbors Susan and Roger Rochat who previously marked the broken spots in orange.

Remember, our neighborhood is full of many walkers and your help will improve safety for everyone!  COVE will continue to follow up with the county and if repairs are made, track the progress on individual addresses.


Carl Lange,  Secretary – Citizens of Victoria Estates

One thought on “Let’s get our sidewalks fixed!

  1. Susan Bell

    Thanks Carl for this coordination on sidewalks. Ours at 852 Castle Falls has one bad area, or it may be next door’s address (I think 844 Castle Falls). Thanks again.


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